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Subscriber Account active since. Most CEOs tend to choose their words carefully, fearing the consequences of saying anything that could be deemed controversial. For better and for worse, Elon Musk is more outspoken. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is sometimes shockingly blunt, like when he mocks his critics or opens up about his personal life. Musk’s candor has endeared him to the fans and customers who find him more relatable than other famous executives, while also frustrating some analysts and investors who argue that he is temperamental and reckless. Stacking stone blocks is not evidence of an advanced civilization,” he said.

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Watch the trailer. Title: Crazy, Stupid, Love Now Cal, Mr Husband, has to navigate the single scene with a little help from his professional bachelor friend Jacob Palmer Ryan Gosling. Make that a lot of help Written by Anonymous. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see this movie at the theater,but I am really glad I did.

There are no good women left.” Well, then, GTFO this site, then.

Being a couple is equal parts fun, aggravating, and quirky. Check out these funny love quotes that all couples can relate to. Oh yeah, this brings out the worst in people. If this person you might marry is unruffled by slow internet service, then they are a keeper! However if they throw their monitor across the room…. Rita Rudner on Annoyance and Fun. If you watch, you can always see couples tease and annoy each other. Couples are essential playmates. Though humorous, this quote rings quite true.

There is something to be said for couples who make it through the first couple of years together. They have traversed through the honeymoon and have a better chance of having a future together. Chris Rock Keeps it Simple. Even though it seems women are extremely complicated, these things really are the essentials for keeping a woman happy. The food and water keeps her blood sugar stable so she is happier, and the compliments make her feel romanticized.

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In my back-and-forth with Nicole Lapin , we rediscovered a widely reported fact: women apparently value higher IQs in men more than men do in women. That is to say, men seem to be more willing to date and marry those to the left of them on the intelligence curve than women are. As a result, some highly intelligent women find themselves left out in the cold because some of the men they would like to date and marry are off gallivanting with a less intelligent woman.

As it turns out, intelligence in men is correlated with valuing sexual exclusivity.

“Fear is stupid. So are regrets.” best marilyn monroe quotes. Betsy Farrell. 10 of “If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never got anywhere.”.

Audiences loved director Peter Farrelly’s celebration of two guys lacking in brain matter, while embracing the spirit of adventure. It also gave rise to a ton of timeless quotes that inspired an endless eternity of memes. We can’t pick them all, but we can try to squeeze in as many as we can! Five more have been added to our list as we expand on the most hilarious Dumb and Dumber quotes of all time. Check your I. Updated by Derek Draven, May 10, As mentioned in the updated intro, we’ve added a few quotes from Dumb and Dumber to our list that definitely deserve top billing.

If this article whets your appetite for some good old fashioned 90’s comedy, maybe it’s time you revisited this comedy classic all over again! Umm, no? If nothing else, this is incentive to vet the people you go on long road trips with.

11 Annoyingly Generic Phrases On Guys’ Online Dating Profiles

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Okay, well then shall I just start halfway into a conversation without introducing myself? Wtf do you want someone to say?! Ok calm down, edgesaurus; we all have. There is this fine line of TMI and casual information and then as soon as dudes cross it on their profile it becomes an instant no-no. Hard pass. A friend wanted to know why he was never getting girls. This was on his page. You HAVE to give me a snippet! You are setting yourself up for failure.

30 Funny Love Quotes That All Couples Can Relate To

It could have something to do with the things that he says every day, with Donald Trump quotes in general being equally shocking and hilarious. There was the time he said the Queen had the most fun in years during his trip to the UK, his apparent obsession with what Brad Pitt thinks of him and of course his denying knowing Prince Andrew despite the many photographs proving otherwise. I think that would be, maybe, going too far.

So naturally, your dating and love life are sure to be full of some RELATED: 32 Silly & Sweet Love Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Your.

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as “dating” Showing of 1, You deserve a fcking phone call. The word “busy” is the relationship Weapon of Mass Destruction. It seems like a good excuse, but in fact in every silo you uncover, all you’re going to find is a man who didn’t care enough to call.

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Take the sour along with the sweet with the collection of wise and insightful bad relationship quotes below. A relationship without trust is like a car without gas, you can stay in it all you want, but it won’t go anywhere. No partner in a love relationship If you’re giving love and not receiving it, you’re not in the right relationship.

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Well, that was fast. Naturally, that’s what I’ve done. As someone who’s supposed to be eating vegetarian food and definitely not fried chicken, I’m admittedly not the target audience for this game. However, the editors heard I like cooking animes and Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which was apparently enough to qualify me to taste-test this delight. To my surprise, I actually had some fun with it, although most of the enjoyment came from the sheer absurdity of the story – and subsequently wondering what on earth I was doing with my life.

For starters, you’re a young cooking student who’s enrolled at a prestigious culinary school, which famously has three-day semesters. That’s a pretty tight turnaround to romance Colonel Sanders – a talented but aloof fellow student – who has lofty aspirations of starting a huge fried chicken chain. That’ll never catch on.

Making things harder are your two rivals, Aeshleigh and Van Van the latter of whom looks like he’s been ripped straight from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure , along with a variety of choices and timed tests you’re required to take. If you mess up, it’s possible to “die” from a variety of causes – although thankfully you wake up at the start of the day and can fast-forward yourself straight back into seducing Colonel Sanders refining your culinary skills.

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Toggle navigation User area. Toggle search bar. Peter Farrelly , Bobby Farrelly directed this movie in Interpreted by. Plot — Lloyd Christmas, a limo driver, is the synthesis of human stupidity. Harry Dunne is his loony friend and roommate.

Check out these extraordinarily dumb quotes by Texas Gov. and Rick Perry, getting the date of the American Revolution wrong by two.

What happens when you finally move on and the one who broke your heart come back too late. As a friend who went on a shopping trip with us said, i must mean the world to him. She has never seen someone who lets the other half go wild shopping and happily picks up the tab thereafter and time and again :P. There are two descriptions we wrote for this shirt – a long one and a short one.

I’ve decided to post both:The Long:Hell is other people. You’re in a bar and you’re staring at someone saying the most incredibly absurd and ignorant things imaginable. Your insides are turning inside out. You wonder how the fuck this perso. He was gonna break up with me. I don’t understand why he’s acting like this is all my fault. I did nothing wrong. Fun Stuff.

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