TV presenter Rav Wilding reveals life-long battle with Dyspraxia diagnosis


When I was diagnosed in very little was known about dyspraxia. As things turned out I was the first person in both my primary and secondary school to be confirmed as dyspraxic. This was a learning experience for everyone. To put it in simple terms dyspraxia is when someone has a difficulty with hand eye coordination or fine and gross motor skills. This can range from simple jobs such as tying your shoelaces or catching a ball to spatial awareness. Like most specified learning difficulties SLD how it affects you changes as you get older. When younger, tasks such as tying your shoes or a tie have a big impact, then as you get older they will not be seen as important but suddenly tasks such as driving a car become an issue or how you adapt to social settings. For one, I drive an automatic car as a manual involves too many tasks at once for me to handle. Some tasks will follow you no matter what age you are, my handwriting is as illegible now as it was when I was

5 Common Myths About Dyspraxia

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Like family, friends, school, etc. Relationships noun : The way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected. Being a Dyspraxic is a challenge. Relationships are tricky at the best of times for anyone. Now combine the two. This makes it difficult to make friends, keep on the good side of family plus peers and finally actually get into a relationship with a special someone.

For some people, it does come natural and others struggle immensely. Problem is the world, through media, has a stereotypical man and woman outlook on how you should behave, look, and be.

Cycling With Autism, Dyspraxia, Hypermobility

About the Author. Kerry Pace is trainer and practitioner supporting people who have dyspraxia, dyslexia; is a person who has dyspraxia and has 2 children who have dyspraxia. Kerry Pace has had a long and varied career in supporting people who have disabilities. After working in Disability Services at Hull University, where she worked on a number of projects with the Faculty of Health and Social Care, co-teaching study skills support to nursing cohorts, Kerry started her own company, inspired by the findings from her last Skype project, and now offers support via Skype 7 days a week from 9 am to 10 pm to healthcare students and practitioners who have dyslexia, dyspraxia or mental health needs; the company is called Diverse Learners.

I am sitting here wondering how many of the readers will know what dyspraxia increasingly referred to as Developmental Co-ordination Disorder – DCD actually is. Although there is a greater understanding that it is associated with clumsiness, difficulty riding a bike or driving, messy handwriting, difficulty telling left from right, the more complex aspects of dyspraxia, the effects of it on the person with it, and the overlapping features it shares with dyslexia, are less widely understood.

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Explore our back-to-school resources to better prepare and build important relationships. Even some teachers and professionals are confused about the causes, symptoms and prevalence. Here are five common myths—along with the facts. An estimated six to 10 percent of children have some features of dyspraxia. It can go by many names, including developmental coordination disorder and motor learning difficulty.

Please enter a valid email. Thank you for subscribing! Fact: Kids with dyspraxia typically have trouble with motor skills. Because of their dyspraxia, kids can have trouble controlling muscles. This includes small muscles, like the ones in their hands. This can make everyday tasks like writing and brushing their teeth a struggle. It can also make them seem uncoordinated, immature and socially awkward. Fact: Dyspraxia and dysgraphia can cause similar or overlapping struggles with writing.

Dyspraxia causes problems with fine motor skills, including the physical task of printing and writing.


When will people realize that hidden disabilities exist and that not all disabilities are visible? You can do insert task here fine, so how can you have a disability? If the task requires coordination, balance, etc. I do that, too, so that must mean I have dyspraxia then. If I tell you about one aspect or symptom of dyspraxia, yes, you may have that, too.

Dyspraxia, which in the past was referred to as “Clumsy Child Syndrome,” is a motor learning difficulty that can cause issues with fine and gross motor skills.

Sex and relationships for disabled people can give rise to unspoken questions and sensitivities – often among the able bodied. But amid the awkwardness there is humour. The following is an edited version of a monologue by Ruby MacKellar, who has dyspraxia. Everybody had already taken all the good disabilities, so I got left with dyspraxia. Somebody had to have it. It’s a developmental, co-ordination disorder – the less sexy cousin of dyslexia.

It largely affects motor control and speech, and memory and information processing, so what generally happens is I fall over a lot and I cock everything up.

‘Dyspraxia is like the physical version of dyslexia’

Not everyone who has dyspraxia will be this open about it, but with those who are, make sure you listen to their explanations rather than making assumptions. Join Us. You can also browse from over health conditions.

Stephanie Guidera suffers with dyspraxia, but the year-old has overcome the disorder to continue life as a classical singer.

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Would you date someone with Dyspraxia?

Former Crimewatch host Rav Wilding has opened up about the motor-skills disorder that has hampered him his whole life. Rav Wilding has revealed he was diagnosed with a motor-skills disorder after struggling throughout his life. The year-old former Crimewatch host said that taking part in a new craft competition programme was difficult for him because of the way his brain works due to having dyspraxia, also known as developmental coordination disorder DCD. Speaking to the Press Association, Rav revealed: “I’ve got this thing called dyspraxia, so I have a hand-eye co-ordination disorder.

Scientists do not know what causes dyspraxia. Experts believe the person s treatment cells that control muscles motor neurons are not developing.

Speaking on ‘The Truth Flirts’ podcast, the Spice Girls singer revealed that she has ‘a bunch of stuff’ that she has to live with on a daily basis which may confuse people who want to embark on a romance with her. Speaking on The Truth Flirts podcast, the Spice Girls singer revealed that she has “a bunch of stuff” that she has to live with on a daily basis which may confuse people who want to embark on a romance with her. She said: “I have ADD, ADHD, I’ve got dyspraxia, I’ve got a bunch of stuff, so for me it kind of already explains the way that I am, without somebody going ‘oh my god she’s got too much energy’, no, there’s actually a reason why my brain functions differently.

Speaking to her guests, YouTuber Calum McSwiggan and Mental Health Ambassador Roxie Nafousi, the year-old pop star admitted that her “vulnerable” nature had led to bad situations in her previous relationships. Mel B – whose divorce from second husband Stephen Belafonte was finalised in December – said: “I’m very open and I’m very vulnerable, and that’s got me into certain situations in relationships where somebody either takes advantage of that or they are abusive, emotionally, so it can open the floodgates in a negative way for you to be put in those kinds of horrible situations.

The Spice Girls singer – who is reportedly dating hairdresser Rory McPhee – also opened up about her struggles with anxiety and has revealed that she used to meditate before taking to the stage to perform with the Spice Girls to control the mental health condition. She explained: “A lot of singers have really bad anxiety and I can really identify with that.

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